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Production Company: Neptune3 Studios

Production type: Web Series

Production/Shooting location: Uyo, Nigeria

Audition type: Online

Looking for: Actors and extras

Specifics: Non-union, unpaid, must sign NDA

Neptune3 Studios is actively accepting ONLINE SUBMISSIONS from actors of all abilities from a diverse spectrum of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.


Please READ ALL instructions. Got Questions? Send us a DM on Facebook or Instagram @neptune3studios

*International/out-of-state participants must be willing to transport/feed themselves if selected.

Potential accommodation assistance will be available to qualified performers hired into specific roles. Approved actors needing to relocate must be aged 18+. Minors must travel with a parent/guardian.

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About Best Friends in the World: Senior Year

The gang is back for their final year of secondary school: Olive, Adam, Esther, David, Maria, Romeo and more will make choices and decisions that shape their futures.

This series is a sequel to Best Friends in the World. It delves further into the challenges the friends face before they leave secondary school forever.

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Required Media: Headshot/Photo, Self-Introduction and Video Audition.

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Ms. Lucille Etim: Female, 30-35

The art class’s new teacher. She is no-nonsense, difficult to impress or intimidate and hardly shows emotion.

- Required Skills: Must be able to do a convincing British accent.

- Ethnicity: Nigerian

Proprietor Armstrong: Female, 45-50

The owner of Lighthouse Secondary. An elegant, polished and stuck-up woman who commands attention when she walks in a room.

- Ethnicity: Any ethnicity

Mr. Usen: Male, 40-50

Esther’s easy-going and loving dad. Can be a bit comical and is doting on his family.

- Ethnicity: Nigerian

Kevin Adeniji: Male, 40-50

A cool, smooth, sometimes funny, handsome gentleman who works as a bank manager.

- Ethnicity: Nigerian

Angel: Male, 22-25

A charismatic popstar responsible for the hearts of teenage girls across the world.

- Required Skills: Must be able to do a sing or at least lip-sync convincingly. Must be conventionally attractive.

- Ethnicity: Any ethnicity

Evelyn: Female, 17-21 

Adam’s childhood friend who spent ten years in America. She is a sly, snobby and rude 17-year-old.

- Required Skills: Must be able to do a convincing American accent.

- Ethnicity: Any ethnicity

Mrs. Usen: Female, 40-50

Esther’s nosy, enthusiastic, sometimes typical mom who only wants her daughter’s happiness.

- Ethnicity: Nigerian

Laura Abubakar: Female, 30-40

A polished, well-spoken and gracious woman with undeniable presence.

- Ethnicity: Any ethnicity

Mr. Sonny: Male, 30-40

The charismatic, comical new manager of Felix Lounge.

 -Ethnicity: Any ethnicity

Mr. Friday: Male, 35+

Angel’s business-minded manager.

- Ethnicity: Any ethnicity

Eno: Female, 15-19

Cece’s pushy, bratty and arrogant classmate.

- Ethnicity: Nigerian

Ngozi: Female, 16-20

Super friendly, pretty cute, more maturely behaved than her peers.

- Ethnicity: Nigerian

Barbara: Female, 16-20

Talkative, energetic, bubbly, funny.

- Ethnicity: Nigerian

Mrs. Thompson: Female, 40-50

Romeo and Cece’s mom. She is a hardworking woman who is proud of her children.

- Ethnicity: Any ethnicity

Amaka: Female, 16-20

A bit of a snob, suffers from an inferiority complex and likes to belong.

- Ethnicity: Nigerian

Jenny: Female, 15-19

Extremely shy, innocent/naïve.

- Ethnicity: Any ethnicity

Angela: Female, 19-23 

Archie’s affectionate but judgmental cousin.

- Ethnicity: Nigerian

VP Okoro: Male, 45-55

Energetic, optimistic and somewhat simplistic vice principal of LHS.

- Ethnicity: Nigerian

Agatha: Female, 24-27

The diligent, sometimes shy housemaid of the Lanes

- Ethnicity: Any ethnicity

Margaret: Female, 19-23 

Archie’s playful yet condescending sister.

- Ethnicity: Nigerian


Required Media: Headshot/Photo, Self-Introduction and Video Audition.

Ethnicity: Any ethnicity

*Speaking roles available


Students (300) - Male and Female, 16-22

Teachers (15) - Male and Female, 25-60

Judges (3) - Male or female, 30+

Photographer - M/F, 21+

Camera Man - M/F, 21+

Taxi Driver - Male, 35+

Interns (3) - Male and Female, 22-26

Moderator - Male, 25-30

Arcade Attendant - M/F, 20s

Drivers (2) – Male, 25+

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Email headshot/photo, self-introduction and audition video to


Submissions will be accepted through June 5, 2021.


Potential virtual callbacks to be scheduled June 13 - 19, 2021.  Performers will only be notified if they are being considered for a call back following their initial submission.


Please prepare a character-appropriate monologue: you can use your own words or select one from any free monologue site. For your convenience, we've linked a free monologue site below. 

You can also use lines from previous episodes of Best Friends in the World, but please note: you must perform the monologue as the character you are auditioning for, not as the BFW character you took the lines from. For example, if auditioning for Ms. Lucille with lines from Mr. Ben, be sure to use the right attitude and accent.