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Frequently Asked Questions - Auditions/Casting

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Q: How will I know when to audition?

A casting call will be posted on our social media accounts (@neptune3studios on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) when the time comes. For more on casting calls, read this blog post we made.

Q: Who can participate in our auditions?

The casting post will usually indicate. However at this time, Nigerian residents only. (This means anyone with a residential address in Nigeria, regardless of nationality or origin).

We do not have the capacity for international actors who may be expecting our assistance with accommodations or sustenance. However, we encourage international talents to collaborate with independent filmmakers in their local communities and of course, audition when eligible.

Q: Can you remind me when it’s audition time?

A large number of you are interested in the auditions, so it would be impossible to contact everyone. Therefore, we will not be reminding anyone personally. Instead, we encourage you all to follow us on our social media accounts for frequent updates.

Q: What ages can audition?

The roles available will determine what ages can audition. Usually, actors that fit the required age and older can audition for the role. For example, if a role requires a 19-year-old and you look like and can act like a 19-year-old even though you're 25, don't let the age requirement stop you from trying out.


We hope this was helpful! We will update this post with more frequently asked questions as we come across them.

If there are any questions we haven't answered concerning casting and auditions, and you've already read this: Want to act in a Neptune3 Studios Production? please comment your new question below.

Stay safe, everyone.

EDIT: Sorry, we are not currently able to reply you directly under your comment but we will answer your questions as a regular comment (and tag the username), so please look through the comments for answers ♥️

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