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Welcome to Neptune3 Studios' career opportunities. Where do you fit in?


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There are no positions currently available.

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"careful and persistent work or effort."


The core of Neptune3 is wholesomeness. Whether embedded in the content we make or in the workplace where the magic happens, we believe in the positive inspiration and moral well-being of all involved.


In hiring a staff whose well-being we can cater to, we first look for passion. We believe that a person's fulfillment can be found when doing what they most enjoy. To serve in any position at Neptune3, it is required that you enjoy your work and are passionate about it. You should care deeply about Neptune3's success and desire deeply to work in entertainment.


When passion is no longer enough, we rely on diligence and discipline. Emphasis on diligence because at Neptune3, every task requires careful attention to detail. We like things done decently and with total interest, not glossed over or rushed. We like to see that our staff care about our work and about our audience. 

Being a young company, we don't have much in our catalog yet. However, it is imperative for any aspiring staff to have full knowledge of our work and our history.

Here are some other attributes we value:

Communication is key. Be a good speaker but an even better listener. It is important to fully understand given tasks in order to excel at execution. In writing, thinking, and speaking, it is important to be concise and coherent.​

Integrity: Candor and transparency, admitting mistakes and sharing knowledge; all words and actions must be spoken/done with good intent.

Innovation: There's always room for improvement at Neptune3. If there are ways to do things simpler and faster, you are eager to share with the team. You are flexible and thrive in a constantly evolving organization.


Curiosity: A curious mind is constantly learning, poking, seeking understanding and improvement. We value it when people learn quickly and eagerly.

At Neptune3, there is always room for growth. We reward effort and excellence and encourage all skill levels to give it their best and come with a willingness to learn.

Think you can contribute substantially to our team? Find where you fit in from the available positions below!

”Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might." - Ecclesiastes 9:10


VIDEO EDITOR:  Must be conversant with Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro. Must have creative ideas and extreme interest in the work.


MOTION GRAPHICS ARTIST: Must be comfortable creating for various formats ranging from cinema to social media. Must be innovative and resourceful and comfortable with previously established workflows.

motion graphics

Please send your CV/resumé and your showreel or link to previous works (at least 3) to


​As much as we appreciate sharing ideas, please do not submit any unsolicited ideas/pitches, original creative works, or suggestions for any projects, songs, advertising strategies, story ideas etc. (“submissions”) to Neptune3 Studios. This reason for this policy is to avoid any potential misunderstandings and/or disputes regarding intellectual property ownership.

If, after reviewing this policy, you still choose to send us a Submission, you agree that, regardless of anything you say, write or record to the contrary, your Submission and its contents: 

  1. Will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary; 

  2. May be used, redistributed, or disclosed for any purpose and in any way, without any compensation to you or any third party; and 

  3. No obligation is created on Neptune3 Studios, including but not limited to reviewing, acknowledging, or returning any materials relating to the Submission.

Thank you for your love and support of Neptune3 Studios and for understanding our need for this policy.

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