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Like most things, our company was created from a desire to tell Nigerian stories and to add to the diverse meaning of what it means to be Nigerian. This desire was mutual among our founders; Jemima, Jesimiel and Jeiel Damina, three sisters with passions in different expressive arts including film, creative writing and music. They formed an idea to combine individual strengths and express themselves through film.


Not entirely new to the entertainment scene, our founders were first a band called Triple J Plus ( whose music careers launched in 2010 but was then put on hold to complete their education. Jemima and Jesimiel studied Film (BSc.) and Computer Animation (BSc.) respectively for their undergraduate degrees at Full Sail University, Florida. After completing their National Youth Service Corps, they studied Entertainment Business (MSc.) and Creative Writing (MFA) respectively for their postgraduate degrees also at Full Sail University. Jeiel is currently studying Creative Writing (BFA) at Full Sail University online.


Our first *unofficial* project was a short film called "Presentation". It was the first time the collaborative efforts of our founders were tested with a screenplay by Jesimiel Damina and directed by Jemima Damina. Entirely new to the process, Jemi and Jesi also handled the wardrobe, production design and technical production of the film with the assistance of supportive friends outside the film field. The film was eventually released under Jemima Damina's YouTube channel with a fair amount of interest from the public.

The journey really kicked off with their next project; a short film called "The New Girl". Producers Jemima and Jesimiel Damina wanted to make films and launch their careers, but having grown up in small-town, Uyo, the Nigerian film industry (Nollywood), which was largely based in big city Lagos, seemed out of reach. They decided to start where they were. They also decided on the best way to ensure that their stories reached its audience in the most honest and authentic way to post the film online; which is where YouTube came in. 


"The New Girl" has been widely viewed and commended. It has reached millions today and became the base for the next Neptune3 Studios project; 'Best Friends in the World'. This web series, after a year and a half, has concluded its first season with 24 episodes and an original soundtrack album. It has also built a global fanbase and inspired its creators to continue on their own path of wholesomeness and inspiration.

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Meet the Team

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Jemima Damina

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Jesimiel Damina

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Jeiel Damina

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Writer | Actor

Meet the Team


Wholesome stories through film and television.


To promote the stories of non-traditional Nigerians through wholesome and relatable storytelling. 




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