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The Story

Welcome to Table for Two; a fine dining restaurant by all standards: great food, amazing atmosphere and capable waitstaff. There's Sylvia, the dependable, sometimes motherly manager, Frank, the goofy, jovial head waiter and Sam, the gruff, enigmatic newbie. While their personalities might be mismatched, their hearts are united when it comes to Table for Two.


As the flow of customers steadily dwindles, they've no choice but to accept the help of 2 ambitious film students who promise to publicize the restaurant on the condition that they can film Table for Two as part of their project.


But a lack of customers isn't all they have to deal with, each day brings a new challenge as they contend with peculiar couples visiting the restaurant on sometimes disastrous first dates.

From the creators of the popular web series Best Friends in the World comes this comedic, dramatic 10-episode web series. Through 10-minute episodes and an hour-long finale, we see both the promotional efforts of the team and the unique dating experience of the couples.

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Precious Bassey as Sylvia

Samuel Ating as Frank

Emmanuel Nse as Sam

Jeiel Damina as Bella

Abasikpongke Uko as Benny

Chioma Ohaegbuchi as Mrs Essien


Each episode also features other Best Friends in the World alumni including Emmanuel Esiet, Inemesit Essien, Gift Etim, Wisdom Kingsley, Isreal Henry, Amarachi Ihezuo and more.


Table for Two is a unique look at young-adult dating, friendship and pursuing one's goals.


Jemima Damina


Jesimiel Damina

Jeiel Damina


Rachel Damina


Jemima Damina


Jesimiel Damina


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