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Updated: Aug 14, 2023

We're 5 years in. Neptune3 Studios and Best Friends in the World are both 5 years old as of July 14, 2023-- a date we fondly refer to as 'New Girl Day' here at the office.

Many of you have followed us since day one, and you already know our story. It's been a grace-filled journey and we're so grateful. But now that we've aired BFW: Senior Year, what more does Neptune3 Studios have to offer?

Before we get into it, subscribers have been enjoying blooper content from the BFW series. If you're not keeping up on YouTube, you need to catch up!

Okay. Now I'll tell you what's new. And I hope you're ready because we'll need your usual maximum participation on all fronts: whether engaging online, offering skilled services in the office/on set (paid opportunities), or showing up for auditions... it's all hands on deck for the new phase.

Speaking of auditions, we're kicking things off with a couple of short films. Yes, 2 projects for our loyal YouTube audience. And you, the fans, have the opportunity to be part of it whether behind the scenes or on camera. (Be sure to follow on social media for relevant updates).

No long talk, here are the deets:


SYNOPSIS: Two sisters determine if their relationship is worth straining over the matter of a boy.


OFURE (15, FEMALE) - Scowling, brooding teen with big emotions, sometimes aggressive and defensive in a bid to protect her feelings but usually still ends up getting hurt.

ADUWA (17, FEMALE) - Self-absorbed and easygoing without a care in the world, looking for fun, and is all about living her best life

MOM (50s, FEMALE) - Overworked and stressed out, the typical career African mom.

TOBE (16, MALE) - Handsome, smug, smooth talker.


SYNOPSIS: A shy, naive girl faces two unknowns for the first time: secondary school and the Crimson Tide.


CHIDI (10, F) - Firery, cheeky personality, but also kind and unassuming.

JULIA (10, F) - Very timid, constantly contemplating, and wildly naive new student.

MR JOSEPH (late-20s, M) - Kind, responsible, stressed-out class teacher.

SADE (15, F) - Senior girl with a superiority complex.

DAYO, KEMI, FRANCA (10-11, F) - Chidi's spirited, good-natured friends.

MR AGAMS (mid-30s, M) - Stern, authoritative Intro-Tech teacher.

MRS JERRY (late 50s, F) - Sour, uncouth, weathered Home Economics teacher.

SIDEKICKS (16, F) - Bullies, posers, wannabes. Sade's posse.

STUDENT EXTRAS (Aged 10-17, M/F) - Student population of the school.


Now that you know more about the projects and the available roles, let's get into other vital stuff.

When are the auditions? 19th of August, 2023.

Where will they be held? At a soon-to-be-disclosed location on Lagos Island.

How long will you need to be available for the shoot? Throughout September 2023. Any further changes will be communicated directly to all selected cast.

What should you bring to/prepare for the audition?

  1. 8"x10" headshot/recent passport photograph

  2. A monologue that matches the character you're auditioning for (if you choose to audition for more than one role, please make sure you have an appropriate monologue for each role)

PLEASE NOTE: There are NO registration fees (or fees of any kind) required to join these projects. Neptune3 Studios will NEVER ask for money to join a production, so BEWARE OF SCAMMERS. Want to be part of the production? Follow the simple rules above.

Lastly, GOOD LUCK! We really hope you can join us on set and we look forward to experiencing your talent!

Make sure you're following Neptune3 Studios on your favorite social media platforms to stay abreast.


Do you have a question that this post or the casting call hasn't answered? Comment below and we'll update this post to address it.

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Michelle Lotechukwu
Michelle Lotechukwu
Aug 29, 2023

Hi my name is Michelle, please when is the next audition


Emperor Wisdom
Emperor Wisdom
Aug 21, 2023

Can I partake in the audition without a monologue because I love to present my monologue in person


Emperor Wisdom
Emperor Wisdom
Aug 21, 2023

I just saw this post

is still possible for me to participate


Olukayode Faith
Olukayode Faith
Aug 18, 2023

Hi my name is faith I want to apply am really good at acting please


Aug 17, 2023

Does the age matter?

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