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Announcing: "Table for Two: A Series of First Dates"

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

From the creators of Best Friends in the World comes a comedic, dramatic 10-episode web series set in a cozy restaurant.

Table for Two's story revolves around the efforts of 3 waiters and 2 university students to increase the restaurant's visibility while tending to very peculiar and mostly hilarious customers.

The series stars Precious Bassey, Samuel Ating, Emmanuel Nse, Jeiel Damina, Abasikpongke Uko and Chioma Ohaegbuchi.

Each episode also features other Best Friends in the World alumni including Emmanuel Esiet, Inemesit Essien, Gift Etim, Wisdom Kingsley, Isreal Henry, Amarachi Ihezuo and more.

Written by Jesimiel Damina, Jeiel Damina and directed by Jemima Damina, Table for Two is a unique look at young-adult dating, friendship and pursuing one's goals.

Once a release date is set, the episodes will premiere weekly on Neptune3 Studios' YouTube channel. (Subscribe here to get notified). For the latest update on BFW: Senior Year, read this.

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May 26, 2021

To be sincere you are too much for it my liking. So ecstatic to my liking. Can't walk to be among you guys, you are too mmmm to be honest, "much love"


Oct 22, 2020

You guys are really trying, and you are the best😘

Hope to join u one day by the grace of God🙏.

And may you all continue to glow and grow in Jesus name

Ameeeen 🙏.


Oct 12, 2020

This is great here waiting


Oct 09, 2020

wow......😁😁that will be nice,out of patience now...cnt weit ooo


Oct 09, 2020

I'm excited for this but onthe other hand I'm not because I know it can came out next year

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