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Announcing: "Best Friends in the World: Senior Year"

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Earlier in February 2020, we announced that Best Friends in the World would be returning with a full new season tagged "Senior Year".

Watch the announcement here:

Thanks to the love and support from fans, we've decided to bring you a whole new season of Best Friends in the World!

Here are some confirmed details:

1. Senior year will be written and directed by the same team that brought you the original: Triple J Plus (Jemima Damina, Jesimiel Damina and Jeiel Damina).

2. Most of the major cast will be returning. We can't mention names yet, but most of them will most likely be reprising their roles in the new season.

3. Grace will not be returning. Grace was a beloved character from the first 3 terms in season one. However, Ella Nwaneto, the actress, will not be returning as Grace. For a detailed explanation, watch this: (skip to 8:36)

4. The new season will take place in the same school, setting and city as the previous. This means that production will largely remain in Uyo, Akwa Ibom. (However, we may shoot some scenes/episodes in other Nigerian cities such as Lagos, Abuja etc. Look out for such announcements).

5. There will be new characters. The audience will be introduced to new students, teachers, friends etc. (We will hold auditions for these new roles, so be sure to follow us on social media to grab your chance!)

6. The new season won't be premiering until 2021. Read this to understand why.

We hope you are as excited as we are for the upcoming season. We will continue to keep you entertained with new content on YouTube until Best Friends in the World returns. But until then, make sure you're following all the right accounts (listed below). Stay safe!

Best Friends in the World socials:

Best Friends in the World Official Fan Group:

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Feb 13, 2022

Wow🥰😳 I love this movie and also expecially OLIVE AND ADAM

I just finished this morning with 2-3 days


Levinah OMWERI
Levinah OMWERI
Jan 07, 2022

Hello, am from Kenya and I really like your Web series they're super , can't wait to watch BFW senior year.

It's my wish to join you some day as an actress and a photographer cause am really willing to relocate if a chance avails. LYSM guys and all the best as you prepare for the next part 🥰🥰🥰


Jun 20, 2021

Can't wait too...

Make it fast o

May God help you


Jun 03, 2021

Hi please can we get lines from the previous scenes of best friends in the world? For the audition purpose


Owalama Moses Abraham
Owalama Moses Abraham
Jun 01, 2021

I just can't wait for it.

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