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Table for Two: Release Date, Synopsis, Cast List & More!

If you're reading this, you must have heard that we announced a new web series on our social media platforms. Totally unexpected, right?

Some of you responded with pure excitement and anticipation. Some of you had questions like:

  • Who is in it?

  • What is it about?

  • Does this mean BFW: Senior Year is cancelled?

  • When is it coming out? etc.

Let's start with that last question:

  • When is it coming out?

October 17, 2020.

That's a Saturday. Save the date because Neptune3's latest offering, Table for Two: A Series of First Dates will premiere on our YouTube channel on the 17th of October. Episodes will be released weekly after that.


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  • What is the series about?

Find out here.

  • Who can you expect to see in the series?

Find out here.

Next question up, (and a LOT of you panicked about this):

  • Does this mean there will be no more BFW: Senior Year?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. This does not replace or cancel Senior Year in ANY way.

Senior Year is still being made. This mini-series and other subsequent productions that may come out before BFW: Senior Year are not a replacement for it. Some productions come out quicker because of numerous factors such as; they're shorter, require less cast/crew, and so on.

If you're still curious as to why BFW: Senior Year still isn't out, then read this.

Pretty simple, right?

This is a fun, lighthearted one. Each episode is about 10 minutes long and there are only 10 episodes. You will enjoy the stories, the characters... everything! Look forward to it.

Follow our social media pages to get every available update. We're on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube (subscribe!)

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20 commentaires

06 mars 2022

More success to you guys.

Please🙏🙏 I want to take part in the new episode, here us my number 07069190524


03 févr. 2022

Wish to be in next episode for senior year please I really need your help ma(Jemima damina)...I live in 19 years old!


04 déc. 2021

I want to take part in the next episode


02 févr. 2021


02 févr. 2021

Jeiel you are a star

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