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Want to act in a Neptune3 Studios production?

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Here's some information you should know:

1. Wait for the casting call.

This is usually an announcement on our social media pages informing actors of an upcoming production. It will contain vital details such as the production title, production location, audition/shooting dates, available roles, required ages, etc. It will also let you know if the auditions are open internationally or for a specific region only. The casting call will also state if the auditions will be held online (video auditions), or in person.

-- If you are interested, please wait until we are casting for a project before you contact us, and be sure to follow the specifications in the casting call. Unsolicited emails, DMs and requests will be deleted or redirected to this page.

Here are our social media pages to follow so you don't miss a casting announcement:

You will also find casting announcements on our Careers page under "Actors".

2. We don't always require professional experience.

Auditions are mostly open to all. (The casting call will indicate what we're looking for) Whether you've acted in a production or not, we are more interested in your skills as an actor which is your ability to convincingly interpret a role.

3. Respond to calls for extras.

This is the best way to get some live set experience and become conversant with the dos and don'ts of film production. Most times, we cast from among extras who have faithfully attended shoots and have shown an acting strength. ​

4. We don't discriminate.

Nationality, race or religion don't matter. As long as the actor can:

- Be available in the casting location for the required duration of time

- Properly interpret the role

- Work well with and respect others different from you

- Be unproblematic, basically

You are welcome to audition!

5. Don't ask when.

We do not know when next we will have auditions, so please don't ask. Just patiently wait until you see a casting call and follow the instructions stated.


We hope these tips have helped! Comment any more audition/casting questions you may have below.​

EDIT: Sorry, we are not currently able to reply you directly under your comment but we will answer your questions as a regular comment (and tag the username), so please look through the comments for answers ♥️

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